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Legal Video Services

Our Legal Videographers will ensure the quality of your video production through the use of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. All video depositions are archived for five years and are mastered in DVD format. In addition to our regular video services we also offer the following formats and services:

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Video Depositions

Our videographers can arrive at your proceeding and shoot in digital video format using professional-grade video cameras. A simultaneous video and audio backup is recorded onto DVD or digital flash media for redundancy. A backup audio file is provided to the court reporter, upon request. The videographer also uses professional audio recording equipment to insure that each spoken word is recorded with clarity and at the proper audio levels. All video depositions are archived for 5 years for all media. One original DVD is included complimentary to the scheduling client for each deposition. Additional DVD copies and video deposition editing are available upon request.

Video/Transcript Synchronization

We offer services with the ability to synchronize the video and transcript from your deposition into one simultaneous viewing media. Synched depositions are delivered on a DVD that is playable on both your computer and standard DVD player. Computer viewing offers side-by-side viewing of the video and transcript, with written text lines individually highlighted as the sync is played. Any exhibits linked to the transcript can be viewed. You can also search keywords within the transcript, make annotations and export clips from the synched video. Synched depositions can also be viewed in Summation, TrialDirector and LiveNote. Viewing on a standard DVD player displays the deposition video with the individual transcript lines displayed as subtitles. All synched depositions can also be delivered online to a private web link.

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Certified legal document translation services


Our post-production services include, but are not limited to, nonlinear video editing for all videography services, DVD and CD duplication, professional DVD authoring, Document to digital file transfer, MiniDV and VHS tape to DVD conversion, online video distribution and media file conversion. Additional digital services are available upon request.

Digital Trial Presentations

We offer digital trial technology services for custom presentation for the Courtroom, jury, arbitrators, mediators or claim adjusters. Our digital trial services include, but are not limited to trial equipment rentals, digital case management, in-courtroom playback, digitization of documents and exhibits, trial preparation and trial equipment set-up and operation. Click here for more information on our digital trial presentation services.

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