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Digital Trial Presentations

Tayloe Court Reporting LLC can help you prepare the most powerful trial presentation possible. We know high-stakes and complex litigation demands instant access to any element of your case for maximum control and effectiveness. Tayloe’s professionals will be there to make sure that all of your carefully prepared exhibits and demonstratives are immediately at your fingertips. Our electronic trial presentation system features document presentation and highlighting, as well as instant access to digitized video depositions. To ensure reliability at trial, we also have full redundancy hardware and software, and highly qualified videographers at your disposal. Tayloe’s dedicated professionals bring valued trial experience and a talent for problem-solving to every case. We take the guesswork out of the presentation creation…Tayloe Courtroom Presentations.

Presentation includes:

  • Scanning of all documents
  • Videotape depositions synced with Transcripts
  • All evidentiary items – pictures, medical illustrations, charts, audio clips, and all relative case material
  • Word search for all imported transcripts
  • Sanction II, to easily work with leading litigation support software
  • Competitively priced trial packaging incorporating all relative presentation equipment and presentation specialist
  • Dedicated presenters intimate with the case materials, and your right-hand man during trial
  • Scanned documents (for all exhibits) onto CDs to pass to expert witnesses.

At Tayloe, we go the extra mile to make sure your case is shown in the best light possible.